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North Lights Stained Glass has grown from a part-time venture, formed in the early 1980's to a full-time dedicated operation which has been established since 1989.

The Principal of North Lights Stained Glass was born and grew up on the West Coast of Sweden. The "Northern Lights" of Sweden were always particularly fascinating to the Artist as a child and this has been the inspiration of many of her stained glass creations, as has the sea and marine life of the North Sea forming the West Coast of Sweden.

Initially trained as a research linguist, the artist's early career was established in international trade and commerce. She took advantage of her worldwide travels to capture images, textures and especially colours drawn from many cultures, which she has been able to apply to her stained glass creations; whether they are restorations, and simple or complex commissions. North Lights stained glass creations are now in place in England, Sweden, USA, Holland, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries.

The Artist initially learned stained glass techniques by attending part-time courses, which very quickly led to more ambitious pursuit of further training and individual residential courses in UK and abroad.

From the Mid 1980's the Artist has also shared her stained glass enthusiasm and skills with others who want to develop their own skills, by teaching at both local colleges and from the North Lights own workshop facilities.

The North Lights stained glass website features examples of the Artist's commission work and also of the flexible range of programmes which she offers to adults in her capacity as a national qualified stained glass teacher.

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